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It’s a rainy summer

As its been nearly four months since I left South Africa, I’ve been living in my birth town. And my days back here is starting to be the normal. The normal meaning rain, work and missing the sun.. But I … Les videre

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I’m back, I’m back – this is now

I’m back. Stellies is the same – but different! I’m hot – and almost sunburned. But I’m enjoyinging it!

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Happy New Year!

To all my family and friends – to people I see every day, and to those of you I almost never see. To my South African friends, to my Norwegian friends, family and neighbors. Thank you for everything 2011 gave, … Les videre

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One week!

It’s the last evening. Tomorrow I’m going back to Oslo. The christmas holiday is over. I got five days, five days where I need to pack my bag, wash my apartment, meet up with friends and get ready. Planning everything … Les videre

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